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2017 “Lonely? Volunteering just two hours a week may help. Reuters.


2017 “Want to live longer and better? Volunteer two hours a week. Lifetime Daily. 


2017 “Does volunteering soften the blow of widowhood?” The Tallahassee Democrat.


2017 “Five ways older Australians can embrace technology to redefine later life” The Conversation

2017 “Weekly volunteer ‘may ease loneliness, isolation’ Times of Malta


2017: “Pepper Institute Faculty elected as fellows of national aging society.” Florida State University News

2017: “Extracurricular activities in youth tied to social engagement later in life” Reuters

2016: “Study: Elders who use tech tools feel less lonely, more physically fit” Santa Cruz Sentinel / The Mercury News 

2016: “Oldest adults may have much to gain from social technology, according to Stanford research” Stanford News

2016: “FSU researcher: Plan ahead for successful aging”
Florida State University News


2016: “Plan ahead for successful aging, researcher says.” Medical Xpress.

2016: “Study: Volunteering, working come with hidden health benefits” Georgia State University News.


2016: “My husband and I were a classic introvert-extrovert pair. Then we switched” Quartz

2016: “Family Caregiving” Program and Policy Implications


2014: “Tougher Than They Look.” New York Times.


Listen to an interview with Dawn Carr on Silver Alerts on National Public Radio, WVXU here.


2011: “Silver Alert program questioned” The News-Herald

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